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Monday, July 17, 2017

Harbour City's Superhero Summer

When they told us that they would be making big posters of Iron Man Experience: Hong Kong Heroes for Harbour City's Marvel Superhero Summer exhitbit, we never imagined they would be doing this:

That is a 4-meter high, 3D version of our cover! On the other side, this:

A 1:1 ratio Iron Man doing his thing. Justice and I were floored. This was way, way beyond what we thought they were going to do. 

Right before the opening of the exhibit, we took a quick shot.

This is an exhibit at Harbour City promoting the Marvel Superhero Summer event at Hong Kong Disneyland using pages from the Iron Man Experience: Hong Kong Heroes comic Justice and I worked on for Marvel and HKDL. Besides the giant 3D cover, they supersized preview pages!

It was great meeting more Hong Kong Marvel fans who didn't know we would be there. We happily signed more Iron Man Experience: Hong Kong Heroes and got to chat with them between the rain. Typical Hong Kong weather with the rain coming and going all day. Even with weather like that we had a fun filled day seeing the exhibit and talking with more media folks about.

Just look at the size of this blown up page!
Tearing through a page of a comic you wrote is surreal.
 They even made some nifty displays for more shutterbug fun.

One of the interviews we did that day.

Wish they took the shot of them checking out the comic. That was a fun moment.

So before we got to our interview with RTHK's Wan Tsz Lung,
we geeked out together with some Marvel heroes.

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