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Clients include: Autodesk SketchBook, Bandai Namco Asia Company Limited, The Body Shop Canada, Threezero (Hong Kong) Limited and Toni & Guy (Hong Kong).

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Saturday, July 9, 2016

Defacing Books at Sidekick Comics Cafe!

This Saturday (July 9th), 1-4 pm I'll be at The Sidekick Comic Cafe signing copies of Toronto Comics Anthology Vol 3 

and whatever else you put in front of me (True Patriot, Monstrosity Vol 2., FullMetal Ghost Comic...)  along with Andrew Stevenson
Christopher Yao and Steven Andrews. I'll be yakking about working in toys (Threezero and Bandai), mobile games and maybe the secret of life!

Maybe. But you won't know unless you go. See ya there!

1374 Queen st E,
Toronto, ON
M4L 1C9

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Toronto Comics Anthology Vol. 3 Rogues Portal Review

Sunny Hope from Rouges Portal says, "BUY! Toronto is known as a city that celebrates diversity, and this anthology does that in spades! Between the variety of styles and stories, you also get contact information for many of the creators. Which is why Ryan North (The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl)’s advises in the Foreward to increase your classiness at least 10% by finding a new favourite local cartoonist!"

You can read the full review by clicking here.

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Comics Alliance Talks About Toronto Comics Anthology Vol. 3

Comics Alliance's Keiren Shiach wrote a great article about Toronto Comics Anthology Vol. 3 that you can read by clicking here!

Here's an excerpt:

"The Toronto Comics Anthology has been the jumping off point for scores of great new local talent for a couple of years now, and for many of the creators it gives them the first opportunity to have comics work printed and published for the world to see. After the success of last year’s second volume, the anthology is back to show off the best and brightest of the Toronto indie scene to the world.

Volume 3 is currently live on Kickstarter, and features not only the best of up and coming Toronto talent, but more experienced creators such as Jason LooMeaghan Carter and Howard Wong. The book features thirty brand new stories set in and around Toronto, and features a foreword from Unbeatable Squirrel Girl writer and Toronto resident Ryan North."
Get your copy of Toronto Comics Anthology Vol. 3 on Kickstarter by clicking here!

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Toronto Comics Anthology Vol. 3 on Kickstarter now!

I have an amazing post-apocalyptic story with art by Keith Grachow in Toronto Comics Anthology Vol. 3, which is on Kickstarter right now!

A lone soldier's attempt to survive in a post-nuclear winter attracts those looking for hope and those looking for blood.
A lone soldier's attempt to survive in a post-nuclear winter attracts those looking for hope and those looking for blood.

Here is a page from my 10 page story.

If you want to see the rest you'll have to get your copy of Toronto Comics Anthology Vol. 3 by clicking here!

This beautiful cover for Toronto Comics Anthology Vol. 3 is done by Adam Gorham and Mike Spicer! 

About this project
Toronto Comics: Volume 3 is 300 pages of all-new comics starring Hogtown, brought to you by 47 local creators! This 6"x 9" softcover is jammed with 30 B+W stories from experienced indie veterans, as well as talented newcomers being published for the first time.

From post-apocalyptic Massey Mutant gangs to the unsettled ghosts of the Keg Mansion, from flirty skyscrapers to condo supervillains, this anthology is a love letter to the city of Toronto. With a foreword by Ryan North (Dinosaur Comics, Unbeatable Squirrel Girl), this is our most ambitious work yet!

We have a table booked at the Toronto Comics Art Festival this May, and we need your help to launch the anthology there! All the artwork is ready to go, but now we need your support to help cover our print and creator costs.

We successfully ran a Kickstarter last year for Volume 2, and we were 1500% funded. We started very small, with writers pooling pocket money to cover print cost and artists donating their time, but thanks to your generosity with Volume 2's Kickstarter, we're now able to offer a page rate to our creators!

Where your money goes:

Click here to get your copy of this 300 page collection of amazing stories from some of your favorite creators!

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Sneak Peek From Toronto Comics Anthology Vol 3

A sneak peek of a page from the story Keith Grachow and I are working on for Toronto Comics Anthology Vol 3. Had so much fun writing this one!

Friday, January 29, 2016

True Patriot now at Chapter House Comics!

Have you heard the news? True Patriot Vol 1 is now available at Chapter House Comics for pre-orders!

Pre-order: Expected release date February 24, 2016. Any order containing this title will not ship prior to it's release.

True Patriot is a Canadian super-hero anthology written and drawn by your favourite Canadian comic book creators! Featuring the debut of Red Ensign by Scott Chantler, Arrowhead by Jay Stephens, and Particle Man by Ramon Perez, plus a new Superhero Girl story by Faith Hicks and the return of J. Torres and Tim Levins’ Family Dynamic. Other contributors include Adrian Alphona, Andy Belanger, J. Bone, Jack Briglio, Ed Brisson, Arthur Dela Cruz, Brian Evinou, Tom Fowler, Agnes Garbowska, Adam Gorham, Fred Kennedy, Ron Salas, and Howard Wong.

So many amazing Canadian talent all in one book! You order your very own copy here:!

Here's one of the concepts from Uh-Oh! Ogopogo, the story I did with Adrian Alphona (Ms. Marvel) as a treat.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Making things up for Kuino Okawara's Fullmetal Ghost

I know, it has been a while since I've posted about what I've been up to writing wise. I have been busy working away on a very cool project that I couldn't really talk about, until now. If the image above wasn't enough of a clue, I've been working on a story for FullMetal Ghost! 

FullMetal Ghost Issue One Cover by Jessie Lam!

A while back Kim Fung Wong of Threezero (Hong Kong) Ltd. invited me to develop an original story and script a comic book for Kuino Okawara's first personal toy project, FullMetal Ghost! I was asked during a meeting with Threezero and Bandai Namco Asia Company Ltd. if I wanted to do it.

Let's be honest here, who would say no to making up a story about giant robot samurai and ninjas? The little boy in me who watched way too much Gaiking, Grendizer, Getter Robo G, Voltron and other awesome mecha anime had his little scrawny arms in the air and replied with the biggest goofy smile on his face, "when do I start?".

First photo right after the first meeting!
These guys are 1/6 scale (18 inches tall),
weighing 40 lbs!
For those not familiar with who Kuino Okawara is, he is the mechanical designer mastermind of Mobile Suit Gundam and the following generations of Gundams as well! 

Taken at Threezero office during a production meeting.

The 1/6 scale samurai and ninja 
pilots actually fit in the cockpit!

FullMetal Ghost is a cross production between Bandai Namco Asia Company Ltd. and Threezero (Hong Kong) Ltd., resulting in a new brand called B/3 (Be Three). Due to this I got to work with amazing people, including Bandai's Head of Creative Direction of Asia and the Head Designer from Threezero. Kuino Okawara gave invaluable input and wowed us with his hand sketches for mech designs for the current and future additions to the FullMetal Ghost toy line. 

I helped to search for an artist for the comic, which led us to Jessie Lam. Her amazing digital painted art style was perfect for the comic! Just look at the cover posted above to see for yourself! 

It's all in the details! There's so much to look at
from the various nuts and bolts, LED lit cockpit and
eyes, weathering to the 100 points of articulation!
The first issue of FullMetal Ghost was launched at Ani-Com and Games Hong Kong this past July, where a bunch of lucky attendees got a free copy! Unfortunately I couldn't make it to the show, but I heard that the response was incredible! 

The first issue of the comic comes exclusive with a purchase of FullMetal Ghost figures. So for those who've been asking where you can get a copy, now you know.

Here are some photos taken by friends of the incredible Threezero display had at the show! I was floored to see that they made a diorama based on a battle scene from the comic!

No one mentioned to me that they we blowing up the preview pages from the comic for the display! Oh, if you're wondering what was playing on that giant screen, keep scrolling and you'll see!

The hero of our story.

This fella is going to play an interesting role in the next issue where he'll be...sorry,
can't talk about that right now.

I got to see the prototype of what is now called Shadow Blade and his assortment of weaponry. Just love seeing the process for these things come together.

So what was playing on that screen at the show?

Oh, just a little FullMetal Ghost action.