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Friday, May 26, 2017

TCAF 2017

TCAF crowd
And I was at TCAF (Toronto Comics Arts Festival) to see friends and meet people in person. I think it was funny that so many I knew were either not going or just popping by and ended staying for the better part of the day.

It was great being able to walk around and see it buzzing with people interested in the comic art scene of the city. Such a diverse and amazing crowd!
Moi and Mark Foo at the Hogtown Horror Comics Table

I ended up signing at the Hogtown Horror table, which was great. Got to meet fans in person and the team who I only knew virtually. Thanks to Mark Foo, Nelson De Rocha and Malcom Derikx for being rad! Can't wait to see the next volume of horror come together! If you haven't picked up a copy, head to your local comic shop and ask for one.

I got my kids signed copies of the Olympians series by George O'Conner. He also sketched in them, which they both are very happy about.

It was so weird, but I met a ton of people I wanted to see by bumping into them. It was fantastic catching up with everyone and what they're working on. I still need to have meals with many of you and it will be epic! I also got to catch up with those who I haven't seen in what seems like a decade! All in all, a wonderful time there. Until next year...
Some of the Hogtown Horror Comics Crew, and someone's finger
George O'Conner signing my kids books

Aaron Feldman and Moi waiting for David
Namisato to finish a sketch for Aaron. 
Moi and Chris Cheung 

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