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Thursday, March 3, 2016

Toronto Comics Anthology Vol. 3 on Kickstarter now!

I have an amazing post-apocalyptic story with art by Keith Grachow in Toronto Comics Anthology Vol. 3, which is on Kickstarter right now!

A lone soldier's attempt to survive in a post-nuclear winter attracts those looking for hope and those looking for blood.
A lone soldier's attempt to survive in a post-nuclear winter attracts those looking for hope and those looking for blood.

Here is a page from my 10 page story.

If you want to see the rest you'll have to get your copy of Toronto Comics Anthology Vol. 3 by clicking here!

This beautiful cover for Toronto Comics Anthology Vol. 3 is done by Adam Gorham and Mike Spicer! 

About this project
Toronto Comics: Volume 3 is 300 pages of all-new comics starring Hogtown, brought to you by 47 local creators! This 6"x 9" softcover is jammed with 30 B+W stories from experienced indie veterans, as well as talented newcomers being published for the first time.

From post-apocalyptic Massey Mutant gangs to the unsettled ghosts of the Keg Mansion, from flirty skyscrapers to condo supervillains, this anthology is a love letter to the city of Toronto. With a foreword by Ryan North (Dinosaur Comics, Unbeatable Squirrel Girl), this is our most ambitious work yet!

We have a table booked at the Toronto Comics Art Festival this May, and we need your help to launch the anthology there! All the artwork is ready to go, but now we need your support to help cover our print and creator costs.

We successfully ran a Kickstarter last year for Volume 2, and we were 1500% funded. We started very small, with writers pooling pocket money to cover print cost and artists donating their time, but thanks to your generosity with Volume 2's Kickstarter, we're now able to offer a page rate to our creators!

Where your money goes:

Click here to get your copy of this 300 page collection of amazing stories from some of your favorite creators!

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