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Saturday, November 2, 2013

True Patriot: Volume 2 Crowd Funding Campaign Launched!

People have asked if...
People have asked when...

Now it's our turn to ask for your support so we can get True Patriot: Volume 2 into your hands!

Our Kickstarter campaign has launched, which you can see by clicking the link here.

True Patriot is a comic book anthology featuring Canadian superheroes written and drawn by some of your favourite Canadian creators!

The first volume of True Patriot was released this past summer and our fans immediately demanded more! So we're back for a second volume scheduled for release summer 2014. This campaign is to raise funds to cover the cost of production, printing, shipping, and fulfillment of rewards for a 104-page, full colour, limited hardcover edition of True Patriot: Volume 2.
For those of you who've never heard of True Patriot, please check out the PDF preview we released on Free Comic Book Day back in May, or visit our Facebook page for artwork, photographs, and more. 

Crew Patriot

Creators returning for "2rue" Patriot include Adrian Alphona (Uncanny X-Force), Andy Belanger (Kill Shakespeare), J. Bone (Rocketeer), Jack Briglio (Scooby Doo), Scott Chantler (Two Generals), Tom Fowler (Quantum & Woody), Adam Gorham(Zero), Faith Erin Hicks (The Last of Us), Fred Kennedy (Teuton), Tim Levins(Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes), Ramon Perez (Tale of Sand), Ron Salas(Dracula: Company of Monsters), Jay Stephens (Secret Saturdays), J. Torres (Bigfoot Boy), and Howard Wong (After the Cape). 

New patriots joining us this time around include Paul Rivoche (Mister X) and Jeff Lemire(Sweet Tooth)!

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