November 7, 2011

Redorik #1

From Crystal Fractal Comics comes Redorik! It's an origin superhero story where nothing is what it seems.

"What kind of superhero would come out of a path that was jaded through a tragedy brought on by greed, sex and desire? Add to that if you were losing your losing your mind to the darkness."

High school student, Justin Henderson, discovers his friend is running packages for the local mob boss. Dealing with his new found abilities that he believes are "super powers", Justin also worries about grades, how to get the girl, and wonders if all the thoughts in his head are really his own. 

Written by Howard Wong
Art by Pedro Maia
Based on the story concept by Derrek Lennox

Click here for more details.

Here's an interview I did for it here.

Where can you get a copy of it? Click here.

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