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Monday, November 21, 2011

Crystal Fractal Comics', Redoirk #1 Press Release


Crystal Fractal Comics (CFC) has released four new books, building upon its line of comic books with new titles including Redorik #1, Entropy #1, The Crossing #2 and The Legend of the Sleeping Giant.

 The Crystal Fractal Universe(CFU) is a mystically based comic book world where powerful mages and sorcerers come together for a mystical event, known as “The Crossing,” where 15 such individuals attempt to enter the first level of hell; the dream realm. During the event, something goes awry and each is sucked into a different portal and lost to the time stream indefinitely. CFC’s latest titles add to the premise set in CFU #0 by expanding the scope of CFU stories with the second issue of The Crossing, which fills in the back story of the CFU, by introducing the Poisson brothers as they battle out of the 15th level of hell in Entropy, and by exploring the life of a young man named Justin Henderson in Redorik, a book which was recently reviewed by The Outhouse comic book blog.

“Mr. Wong decides to focus on Justin's character and painting the world around him. Even the introduction to the issue seems somewhat out of place; however, what the introduction does do is give readers of CFC's other titles clues that there is a link between them all, without confusing or overwhelming any readers who simply wish to read this title without distractions. I cannot help but think that in reading the introduction, you won't be tempted to check out the other series,” said Jeff Haas, of The Outhouse.

 Crystal Fractal Comics is a Toronto-based comic book publisher founded in 2007 by publisher Derrek Lennox. Its first release was published in 2008, while two more followed in 2010. CFC aims to diversify the comic book industry with its dynamic, original content and is also a forerunner in its efforts to help preserve First Nations culture and history with its adaptations of First Nations’ legends. The Legend of the Sleeping Giant is the first book of its kind, adapting the Fort William First Nation legend of the sleeping giant from the Thunder Bay, Ontario area to comic book format.

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Crystal Fractal Comics

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Crystal Fractal Comics

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