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Friday, April 1, 2011

Comics Buyer's Guide 29th Fan Awards - Grunts: War Stories Nominated! Voting has begin!

Just found out that Grunts: War Stories, which I'm very proud to be apart of, has been nominated for Favorite Graphic Novel for the Comics Buyer's Guide 29th Fan Awards. You can look at the story I wrote, Iron Snake by clicking the images on the right. Here's my original post about it.

Favorite Graphic Novel
BB Wolf And The 3 LPS (Top Shelf)
Grunts: War Stories (Arcana)
Return of the Dapper Men (Archaia)
Scott Pilgrim’s Finest Hour (aka Scott Pilgrim Vol. 6) (Oni)
Superman Earth One (DC)

Voting has begun!

You vote for your favorite graphic novel (ahem, three guesses which one is mine) and a slew of other categories by clicking here.

What are the Comics Buyer's Guide Fan Awards? Here is a blurb from there website:
For the past six years, we’ve offered fans the chance to nominate their favorite creators and projects of the previous year for our annual Comics Buyer’s Guide Fan Awards. Here are the finalists in each of the 12 categories for the 29th annual awards: the longest-running comic-book awards in which you, the fans, pick your favorites.

Our criteria for eligibility is that the creator nominated had to have work published in the year of eligibility or a given work had to have a 2010 publication date. Through May 31, each fan can cast his or her votes online. (Only one ballot per fan; ballot box stuffing will result in discarding all involved ballots.)
We’ll tally the votes in early June and announce the winners at CBGXtra.com and in CBG #1681 (Sep 11), shipping in early July.

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