April 20, 2009

Fan Appreciation 2009 Photo Parade

Jon Bryans (NGuard)

Jessie Lam (Neozoic). The webcomic we're working on is amazing. Can't wait to show everyone.

Marcio Takara showing love for...if you can't tell I can't help you.

The mighty Sam Agro showing how Nick Fury is the man, like himself.

Attila Adorjany

Logan Lubera

Andrew Jackson. No really it's him without makeup. Scary, I know.

Andrew Jackson. Look him up on IMDB. Really, give it a click. He was at the con to give support to Jon's NGuard becoming a animated series, not to mention..er...just keep reading.

The Agnes Garbowska

My table that I shared with Jessie Lam (Neozoic)

Most interesting duo ever.


So I've been hinting at something that I'm excited about (but officially can't talk about just yet), which is what the following pertains to. For the keen people out there, and I know all of you are, do "read" the last photo carefully.

This is Jon Bryans (NGuard) scribbling something on paper.

This is me scribbling on the same paper.

This is Jessie Lam (Neozoic) scribbling on the same paper too. Weird huh?

On Sunday, I signed a contract to co-write a comic based on a very terrific property that I can't mention yet *cough* look below *cough*. We've also partnered up to develop new properties and help existing ones reach the comic book market.

Now, isn't that an interesting photo.

That's all folks. I'll be at Fan Expo next for the con thing. I should be at Paradise Comics for Free Comic Book Day. Not 100% yet, but I'll let you know as usual.

Thanks again to everyone for making a terrific convention. You people are great!


AnnieG said...

Hey Howard!

Pictures look grat and the news (wink wink) promises to be quite fruitful.

All my best!
p.s. I don't know if I've told you but I really like reading your comic!


Howard Wong said...

Thanks! I really hope that the fun we're having shows in the writing.

Selvagem said...

Grats dude. I would've liked to have come up but the wife was back up from Peterborough.. this is great news tho. I'm interested to see where you take this...

Howard Wong said...

Thanks Pat. Hopefully you'll have time to come to Fan Expo in August. We have many terrific ideas brewing at the moment.

Tyrone said...

Great pics man ... you were at TCAF right?

Howard Wong said...

I was there on Sunday. No table, just walked, talked with people, etc.

Bedelgese said...

Can't wait for that comic :3

Howard Wong said...

Me too. Thanks.