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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Crystal Fractal Comics - Redorik

If you're free October 25th from 1pm - 3pm, you can meet me and other creators from Crystal Fractal Comics at Paradise Comics . There will be a showcase of works in progress and editions of the Zero Issue Preview Editions available as well. See you there!

I am scripting the first four issue story arc of Crystal Fractal Comics' upcoming title Redorik. The series is planned for solicitation in the beginning of 2009!

Redorik focuses on Justin Henderson, a high school student who can telepathically read the thoughts and emotions of others and teleport to distant locations through a pocket universe. Unlike his peers, who fantasize about having supernatural powers, Justin must learn to come to terms with his new found abilities, in addition to dealing with the death of a friend and trying to determine which of the voices he hears are those of others, and which are his own subconscious. He is unaware of the fact that he is a descendant of Nathanael de Velasquez, a powerful mage whose alias Doctor Twilight is the central character in another eponymous Crystal Fractal title.

Crystal Fractal Comics is an up and coming comic book publisher and character licensing company seeking to diversify the industry through the dynamic story lines and characters of its titles. Founded by Derrek S. Lennox, the company aims to become one of the top ten firms in its industry through its online and print comics, toys, and other licensed products. Crystal Fractal Comics is currently headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Where's some teaser art you ask? Just look below.


Redorik, Carnivale and Caregiver

All characters are the property of Crystal Fractal Comics.


Derrek S. Lennox said...

We are extremely pleased to have Howard working with us on Redorik. His take on our conflicted teen "superhero" is absolutely fantastic - and should be a great follow-up to his own work with Image/Shadowline on "After the Cape."

Howard Wong said...

It's been a fun experience working on Redorik and hope it shows in the work when it comes out.