September 2, 2008

Post Fan Expo 2008

Where to begin? First I have to mention the guy who dressed up like Namor. He was dead on and had a bunch of us talking about him. Yeah, I'll leave that there. I was invited to a Win, Lose or Draw panel and showed why I don't draw. I think people will be having nightmares for a long, long time because of me. During the con I met With some cool new people like Greg Hyland of Lethargic Lad fame. I didn't know he drew for the Lego fan magazine, not to mention had the coolest box of Lego people references with him. Both my wife and I were planning on stealing it, but by Sunday, we were just too tired. There was also Jessie Lam and J. Korim from Neozoic from Red 5 Comics. Very cool people all around. Jessie was selling some really cool posters that were going fast. If you see her next time, do ask her about them. She might have a few left.

A very memorable moment was when a female Jedi was checking out my stuff and accidentally hit a passerby in the eye with her lightsaber. The guy was all right, but I bet he never thought he would get hit in the eye with a lightsaber.

I didn't take any photos while I was there except for one, which was encouraged by my wife.

Yup, I so have a rocking cool wife. I also have hope for a reboot of the Catwoman franchise now.

(I'll see if I can scan the sketches I got later and update it here when I do.) Ta Da!

Greg Hyland

J. Korim

Thanks to everyone who stopped by, both old and new. I appreciate the support and the cool comments!

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