July 14, 2008

Paradise Toronto Comicon Report

So the con went by in a congested-dizzy-blur. Why you ask? Wifey, the baby and I are sick--yeah, again. I think the oldest one has developed a super immune system, since she was the only one healthy.

It was fun having the clan there. The kids had a blast, which was great considering this was their first con. The older one did have a spill. We though she might have sprained her wrist, but of course by the time we finished packing up the car she was fine. Kids

On day two, the older one decided to see what would happen if you stab a straw into a large green balloon. The pop was more like a blam. The whole con stopped for a split second. Afterwords she ran to mommy. Cameron Stewart gave a replacement balloon--(Thanks dude!). She was her smiling self again.

Unfortunately everyone was too sick to remember that we brought the camera with us, so no pics. Sorry.

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