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Friday, June 27, 2008

Sequential Arts Symposium and Joe Shuster Awards 2008

As some of you might know, I'm a nominee for the 2008 Joe Shuster's Outstanding Canadian Comic Book Writer award, and still am. Heh. Before the awards ceremony they held their first annual Sequential Arts Symposium, where I had a great time seeing old friends and making some new ones. I was also on the Writing for Sequential Art panel , which I hope I gave some useful information throughout my bantering.

After the symposium I went for dinner with friends. Francis Manapul led us on a death march to a nice Italian restaurant. (I'm kidding, it was a nice walk) Who knew that there was a street festival that day?

Here are some photos from this wonderful event that I blast at.

Here I am with Josh Stafford. We're co-creating and writing a zombie book. Hey look, what is that I'm holding up?


We debated if we should eat here. (Read the sign on the restaurant window.)

Yeah, that's Francis putting on high heels. Can this be the secret to his awesome art skills?

Here's almost everyone that went to dinner chilling before the Joe Shuster Awards.

Here's me presenting the the Outstanding Canadian Comic Book Artist. What you don't see is the sign on the podium falling off as I was reading off the nominees. That's right, there's special effects at the Joe Shusters!

This is the screen that popped up when they read off my name as one of the nominees for the Outstanding Canadian Comic Book Writer.

Could that be--yes folks! That is Rick Green pimping a Prisoners of Gravity T-shirt. I would kill to have one of those.

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