October 21, 2007

My First Bookstore Signing

It actually went pretty well.

There were many people walking by, trying not to notice the weird guy sitting at the table with his a stack of his first trade paperback. There were also people who were interested and chatted with me. Some even had me sign their copies. (Nothing like defacing books in a bookstore. Heh.)

One of the things that I need to figure out how to tell people is that After the Cape, isn't for kids (though when you do say that, people tend to think it's a dirty comic). I had some moms and dads give me that eye popping stare when I told them what it was about. I explained that there is a variety of comics for all ages, so they had to be aware of what to get their kids.

Maybe I'll print out a small blurb about the series and see if that helps.

I was there from 1 - 5 PM, so if you did show up and I was gone, you can still catch me on November 3rd at the Chapters at Woodbine and HWY 7. (There's also two signed copies in the store.)

I do want to take this time to thank everyone at Indigo for being so nice and kind to a nobody like me.


When you stop by there next, you could also grab a free poster of the cover of After the Cape issue one. Yup, I defaced them with my scribble.

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