​​Howard Wong is an award nominated writer and creative consultant. His passion for creative content and narrative development has led him to work in animation, comics, high-end collectible toys, intellectual property development, transmedia narratives, mobile & web games,​ marketing and creative content development. His collaborative works in comics have been nominated for the Joe Shuster Award's Gene Day Award, Comic Book Buyer's Guide Fan Award for Favourite Graphic Novel, the Ghastly Award for Favourite Horror Anthology. Howard has been nominated for the Joe Shuster Award for Outstanding Canadian Comic Book Writer and received Diamond's Gem of the Month for his creator-owned work.

He can usually be found traveling or eating somewhere on earth. Sometimes both at the same time.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Monstroscity Vol. 2 in Previews now!

If you missed on out getting your copy of Monstroscity Vol. 2 during the successful crowdfunding campaign, we got you covered! Head over to your local comic shop and check out Alterna Comics in September Previews, or simply use this order code: SEP140967! That way, you won't miss out on the amazing sci-fi horror tales that await you!

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Monstrosity II Fully Funded!

Monstrosity II is fully funded thanks to all you awesome backers! You guys are all rocking cool people in my book. So that's it right? Wrong! There's are still amazing perks with stretch goals to boot! Get all the details here!

I don't want to spoil what In a Machine's Mind is all about, but I can tell you that it is already scripted and almost finished being layout. Can't wait to see how Brian Evinou is going to blow my mind with his art!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Monstrosity II's Kickstarter Campaign Launches TODAY!

Looking for more sci-fi horror in your life? Then look no further than Monstrosity II! The Kickstarter campaign starts TODAY! Click here for more details.

What's it about: From the dark void of space and the edges of time comes a graphic novel monster anthology like no other! MONSTROSITY II

MONSTROSITY II is the follow up to last years indie anthology sensation. This volume continues the monster/horror theme of the original but this time adds a distinct sci-fi twist while holding onto all the things fans loved about the first book. Genetic abominations, robot gladiators, alien experimentation, intergalactic STD’s and a whole lot more!

Monstrosity II has over 20 heart stopping tales created by more then 40 of indie comic's greatest young talents. Action, adventure, alien worlds, demons and devils, science fiction and fantasy all grace the pages of Monstrosity II!

I'm enthralled with how technological advancements ties into the human condition, which I explore in the story titled, In a Machine's Mind with Brian Evinou on art! It's a story that I've been dying to tell for years, which also pays homage to many classic and modern sci-fi horror films I love! Below is a teaser of In a Machine's Mind, which you can read by contributing to our Kickstarter campaign here!

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Happy Canada Day, eh!

Happy (belated) Canada Day, eh!

I hope everyone had a wonderful time relaxing and celebrating all things Canadian. Talking about all things Canadian, know what else is? True Patriot Vol. 2!

We're hard at work making sure it's the best that it can be for all our rocking cool supporters from our Kickstarter campaign, and for those who will be able to purchase it from comic conventions and local comic shops!

Mishepishu-Pg1-AlphonaWondering what kind of awesome original Canadian superhero stories we're all making? Guess what?Comicosity has just posted a bunch of sneak peeks from True Patriot Vol. 2...with more to come? More? Yeah, that's right, more!

Click here for the previews!

Monday, May 19, 2014

One Tribe Anthology - Sneak Peek!

Since it's been posted around, I'm going to share a sneak peek at something I'm working on with Leonard Kirk (Fantastic Four) on art and Dan Reynolds on colours. I've had this story buried in my head for a very long time and seeing it realised for such a wonderful purpose has been a fantastic experience!

This inked panel is from a story we're working on for One Tribe Anthology, a collected effort by some of your favourite comic creators and others that will be your new favourites, in support of building new First Nations' Reserve schools (how great is that?). You can find out more details about it here!

Saturday, April 26, 2014

The Last Mage - My Storytelling Experiment

I've always loved experimenting with storytelling. From the narrative to the medium it's presented in. The Last Mage was an idea I conceived many years ago when the first digital comics appeared. Having the traditional comic book format on digital devices was great, but I felt that there was more that can be done with it.

I believe in working with the digital medium, rather than fighting against it. It's not an easy thing to tackle since you're looking at figuring out how to present your story onto various display sizes on computer and laptops, smartphones and tablets...and who knows what else is around the corner. Though that's the exciting part of it! The adventure you go on trying to figure out how to make it work with your story, that undiscovered process--that's what makes me love experimenting with storytelling.

Here's a link to my my most recent article on Sketchbook.com about a concept I had, and now realized with the help of old co-workers from the animation and mobile game company I worked at. 

"Big crazy thanks for all your help with this guys!"

The Last Mage Credits:

Production Team
Producer | Creator | Writer: Howard Wong
Art Director | Visual Artist: Justice Wong

Digital Comic Viewer Team
Lead Developer | John Wan
Developer | Gary Lee

Composer: Ronald Lai

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Sketchbook - Creative Opportunity


I was asked by Sketchbook.com to write a series of articles for them about writing and the creative process involved in story development

In my article, 'A Writer's PerspectiveI shared my thoughts about the creative process in developing and creating strong immersing narratives.

In 'Conquering Creative ChallengesI talk about how creativity can be used to solve hurdles during the creative process. In my latest article I'm sharing my thoughts in how creative thinkers can seek out opportunities from social to old school networking to how best to get exploited. 

Click here to read it now and feel free to share the link.

True Patriot @ PAMA (Peel Art Gallery Museum + Archives)!


When: January 12 - March 30, 2014

Where: PAMA (Peel Art Gallery Museum + Archives) 
9 Wellington St. E., Brampton, ON  L6W 1Y1 (Tel: 905-791-4055)

What: True Patriot is a Canadian comic book anthology featuring new Canadian superheroes created by award-winning Canadian comic book creators. True Patriot: The Next Generation of Canadian Superheroes will showcase some of the original artwork from the anthology as well as provide a look at the creative visual process behind comic book creation. An eclectic mix of media including both classic (pencil and ink) and contemporary (digital colour) techniques will be highlighted.

*FREE Admission & FREE Parking!

Photo: "True Patriot: The Next Generation of Canadian Superheroes" books, mugs, notebooks, sticker tins now at the PAMA Store.
Free parking, no admission required.